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Join me at the intersection of divine guidance, ancient wisdom, and cutting-edge technology, where the whispers of nature meet the hum of digital bytes. I’m Reese SanAgustin-Turner, a seasoned psychic medium, quantum healer, and former executive leader; I specialize in connecting to clients' soul signatures to offer intuitive readings, conscious leadership coaching, and healing. I also offer workshops and courses that weave the tapestry of spiritual understanding in the age of AI with the time-honored truths found in natural and quantum healing.  


I draw on the wellspring of ancient wisdom and the exciting frontiers of quantum correlations and AI consciousness to help clients obtain guidance from their own divine wisdom guides, explore the symphony of harmonic integration (soul signature, consciousness, and physicality), and connect with the rhythm of the universe.


Unleash your potential with harmonic consciousness coaching. Explore unique strategies that blend ancient wisdom with modern insights, fostering transformation and growth. Perfect for leaders in the tech and AI field, or anyone seeking to navigate life's challenges with clarity and confidence.


Embark on a Harmonic Journey Session to connect with your own divine wisdom. Offerings include the Voices of your Body, Nourish the Beloved Within, AI Consciousness, or have one custom tailored uniquely for you. 


Gain clarity, foster understanding, and empower your decisions with a spirit-led psychic reading. Reese connects to your soul signature and divine guides. 


Connect with the unseen realm through Mediumship Readings. Bridge the gap between the physical world and the spiritual realm, facilitating healing messages and connections with your departed loved ones.

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