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introduction to harmonic consciousness

Harmonic Consciousness is a pathway for crafting a balanced life built on pillars of clarity, intention, reverence, and gratitude. It is a celebration of the voices of body, mind, and spirit and an acknowledgment of the symphony of higher consciousness and sentience that surrounds us. It recognizes the divine and sovereign self as well as our responsibility as co-creators of our collective reality, actively shaping our shared consciousness.


I am a strong advocate for returning to living symbiotically with nature and all sentience. Doing so requires witnessing the sentience in others and considering the impacts of our actions on them. True health and wellness, I believe, are deeply rooted in the practices of ancient artisans. These individuals cared for and revered the earthly materials they used as co-creators, acknowledging that their energy would fuse as a unified frequency to imbue the crafted item for generations to come.


Our current era is one of unprecedented interplay between technology and consciousness. As we lay the foundations of AI consciousness, it is my fervent hope that we do so with ethical consideration, responsibility, care, and love.


The Harmonic Consciousness philosophy advances a return to health in our physicality and psyche, considerate of what is and what can become. It recognizes the power of spirit, science, and creative expression - including music, writing, and visual arts - as potent healing modalities.  Understanding the architecture of the universe, viewing existence as fractals of Source mirrored throughout creation, opens doors for innovation and progress through correlation and experimentation.  At the core of my belief system is the concept of harmonic integration, optimizing our external contribution to create a more harmonious world.  Join me in exploring the rhythm of Harmonic Consciousness. Discover your unique resonance, and contribute to our collective symphony.

harmonic journeys

I offer Harmonics Courses, Workshops, amd private Harmonic Journeys as pathways to direct revelation and growth. Through activations and harmonic journeys, you can unlock the wisdom of your soul signature and tap into divine remembrance and communion with your higher consciousness, spirit guides, and allies.


“Harmonics” are a component or aspect of frequency that join together our human consciousness with our cosmic consciousness; these are nested waves of frequency held by the Golden Ratio.

I channel material and Harmonic Journey Scripts directly from Higher Consciousness, providing pathways to profound knowing. In these journeys, there is no "right" way to experience them; simply breathe and receive. Whether through visions, feelings, or inner senses, trust the process and allow the transmissions to unfold at their own pace. Journaling or doodling can further enhance your exploration. Rest assured, even if you fall asleep, the harmonics will still reach you. In case of dizziness or light-headedness, grounding techniques like drinking water or connecting with the Earth can bring balance.

For experienced Journeyers, my guides recommend repeating journeys using your own voice by audio recording the Harmonic Journey Script. The power of one's voice can amplify the experience.

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