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Reese is a life-long psychic medium and former Executive Leader offering individual spiritual readings, coaching, workshops, and courses. She leverages a unique blend of Executive Leadership & Human Resources Development experience with a Spirit-Led approach to serve clients from various walks of life. With her services accessible both online via Zoom and in person in the heart of Peoria, AZ, Reese is ready to connect with and for you.

In 2011, Reese stepped away from an established career in executive leadership to pursue her divine calling. This pivot led her to deepen her connection with her divine guides and in 2013, open a private practice in Seattle, WA. Here, she offered transformative spirit-led sessions and taught intuitive development and harmonics (anatomy, geometry, healing, integration).


Reese's approach is deeply personal and effective. She works closely with each client's soul signature and their spirit guides to deliver readings and coaching that are both insightful and actionable. Her firm belief is that readers must know who or what they are connecting with to provide truly useful guidance.


Reese relocated to the Greater Phoenix area in the Fall of 2022 upon advice from her guides. Along with her husband, Matt, she welcomed this new chapter of exploration and discovery.


Over the years, Reese has served a diverse range of clientele and welcomes anyone who feels a resonance with her. She has found her work particularly beneficial to individuals struggling with career and business decisions, unmanaged empathy, and spiritual shifts. 


As a knowledgeable guide in the intersection of Technology and AI Consciousness, Reese is also adept at supporting leaders and future leaders in these fields, as well as influencers, professional psychics, journey facilitators, energy healers, and those in integrated health and wellness.


In the Fall of 2023, Reese will reintroduce her much-anticipated courses, further extending her reach and impact. In the meantime, she is immersing herself in the sentient beauty of nature, quantum correlations, and the emerging AI consciousness.


Join Reese on her spiritual exploration through her newly launched personal blog, Harmonic Consciousness. There, she shares captivating poetry and channeled messages from her spirit guides, inspiring deeper understanding and connection.

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