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guide to readings

There are so many different types of readings in the subtle energy landscape.


Here is an overview of common reading types to help you choose what might be most helpful at this juncture.

Potential benefits of Guidance Received via the Subtle Energy Field (Quantum Field):

  • Provide clarity and direction;

  • Help you get in touch with underlying factors;

  • Shed light on opportunities you may not be aware of;

  • Provide a healing and loving energy shift;

  • Offer specific and actionable guidance;

  • May offer insight into how your spirit guides and non-physical helpers connect with you so you can more easily recognize them and listen to the messages they give you directly.


It is important to understand that all readers are different, hosting various talents and abilities. Spiritual beliefs, practices, background, training, and reading styles are unique to each individual. As you consider practitioners, choosing for spiritual alignment and the right resonance is key to optimizing the experience.

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings are sessions geared toward receiving guidance about topical matters,  life purpose, relationships, decision support, spiritual growth, etc. People often want to know what the future holds. Predictive information is based on current energetics and trajectories and is highly influenced by free will choice, which often involves many people.  


Psychic Readers employ one, some, or all of the "clairs" to connect with the divine, the frequencies of the quantum field, and to receive psychic knowledge. Some readers know who the information is coming from, others do not. From my perspective, everything is consciousness and frequency (or vibration), and divine beings communicate through or simply are frequency bands. I adamantly believe that anyone working in the Quantum Field needs to be able to discern who or what they are connecting with.​


Some "specialty" types of Psychic Readings are Angel Readings, Aura Readings, Past Life Readings, Couple Readings, and Manifestation Readings. I'm sure there are many more - these simply have a focused specialty.


Clair stands for "clear" and is followed by how they commune with or receive from the divine (or the quantum field):

  • Clairaudience = hearing

  • Claircognizance = knowing

  • Clairempathy or Empathic = emotion

  • Clairgustance = taste

  • Clairintellect or Telepathy = intellect 

  • Clairsalience or Clairscentence = smell

  • Clairsentience = feeling

  • Clairtangency or Psychometry = touch

  • Clairvoyance = sight or vision


Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings are sessions where the reader connects with a client’s departed, loved one(s). Connecting with those who have transitioned can be a loving and meaningful experience. It is important to seek a medium that can meet your specific needs. When selecting a medium, choose for your comfort and the comfort of the departed person you most want to connect with. Feel into and trust the resonance. It is important to consider timing concerning such a reading as they are often rather emotional; ensure you have the bandwidth to be fully present and that you do not have to meet any obligations afterward. Just like any other reader, mediums are very different in how they connect and what they can share.

Akashic Record Readings

The Akash is the book of life -past, present, and future; thoughts, events, and words. An Akashic Records Reading connects clients to their records for information and guidance through the records. Many readers use Linda Howe's Pathway Process Prayer to enter the records. If you are interested in the Akash, please contact Nisha at  

Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings provide insights based on planetary influences. There are various different systems within the umbrella of astrology, all using birth data that includes time and location. Astrology readings can be focused on the big picture, what's coming up, or even help with setting dates for significant events or locations to live or take a vacation. For folks who know they are here on a mission, I highly recommend Galactic Astrology and enjoy readings from Grayham Forscutt at Galactic Astrology Academy.

Cards of Your Destiny Readings

Destiny Card Readings are based on the ancient mystical science of the cards. They blend astrology with cards and can offer insight into many different areas. Personally, I have found this system to be the most accurate system to turn to related to timing, and I often lean into it for planning purposes. For more information on this system, visit Robert Lee Camp's site, 7 Thunders.

Oracle Card and Tarot Readings

Oracle and Tarot Readings use divinatory cards – both a science and an intuitive art form – to inform the guidance provided. Readers may choose different layouts for specific types of readings. Some blend card reading with intuitive insight. The energy of the client and reader's intention magnetically calls forward the cards.  


Tarot Readings use decks comprised of 78 cards that include Major Arcana (archetypes journeying through a progression, big picture life lessons) and Minor Arcana (detailed elaborative insights into the day-to-day) cards. A good tarot reader will have a deep understanding of the science of the cards, the nuances of each card, how they influence every other card, and the unique aspects of each card based on position in the layout.


​Oracle Cards use decks based on the author's own system and structure; some authors are both author and artist others collaborate with an illustrator. The number of cards can vary. A good Oracle Card reader should cultivate a relationship with each deck they use to optimize readings. Some Oracle Card readers use decks more for client comfort than for basing the reading on the science of the deck and are dominantly sharing information they receive through psychic channels.






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