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Harnessing the Lion's Gate

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The Lion's Gate is a window of time in which powerful energies related to the constellation Leo imbue those who enter its portal with frequencies related to manifestation, creativity, power, connectivity, and up-leveling activations within their own soul's architecture related to Leo. While the most powerful day of receiving is August 8th, the window opens around July 26 and closes around August 12. You may see different start and end dates each year, feel into the energies, and they will support you! This offering provides 3 Harmonic Journey Scripts to record and modify for your own voice. My guides believe that journeys are most powerful when guided by the journeyers' physical host. These journeys are downloaded by Reese from Spirit and designed to hold a harmonic frequency for safe travel through the quantum field. The included journey scripts are: Harmonic Journey with Archangel Michael and Metatron with the 8, for Spiritual Discernment. A gift from The Sun God RA with the Goddess Asherah, Harmonic Journey to the Lion's Gate. Harmonic Journey to the Lion's Gate with The Trinity.

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