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Solar Deities (a work in progress)

Amaterasu (Japanese mythology) - The sun goddess and the ruler of the heavens. She brings light and warmth to the world and is associated with the imperial family. Call upon Amaterasu for strength, inspiration, and guidance in difficult times.

Amun-Ra (Egyptian mythology) - A combined deity of Amun, the god of creation, and Ra, the sun god. Amun-Ra represents the ultimate power and the creative force of the sun, symbolizing both hidden potential and radiant energy. Seek the assistance of Amun-Ra for spiritual enlightenment, creative inspiration, and overcoming obstacles.

Apollo (Greek and Roman mythology) - The god of the sun, music, healing, and prophecy. Apollo is often depicted driving his golden chariot across the sky, bringing light and inspiration. Call upon Apollo for healing, artistic inspiration, musical talents, and clarity of purpose.

Arinna (Hittite mythology) - The solar goddess and the queen of all deities. Arinna is associated with the sun's life-giving power and is worshipped as a symbol of divine royalty. Seek the assistance of Arinna for blessings in leadership, protection, and divine guidance in decision-making.

Atum (Egyptian mythology) - The creator god in ancient Egyptian mythology, often depicted as a solar deity. Atum represents the setting sun and the rebirth of the world each morning. Call upon Atum for new beginnings, renewal, and tapping into your inner creative power.

Belenus (Celtic mythology) - Associated with healing, fertility, and the sun's warmth. Belenus was worshipped across Gaul and Britain. Seek the assistance of Belenus for healing, fertility, and finding balance and harmony in life.

Hathor (Egyptian mythology) - An Egyptian goddess often associated with joy, love, and beauty. Hathor is sometimes depicted as a solar deity, representing the nurturing and life-giving aspects of the sun. Call upon Hathor for joy, love, beauty, and to enhance relationships and creative endeavors.

Helios (Greek mythology) - The personification of the sun who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky. Helios is often depicted with a radiant crown, illuminating the world with his solar chariot. Seek the assistance of Helios for vitality, confidence, success, and illuminating the path forward.

Huitzilopochtli (Aztec mythology) - The Aztec sun god and the patron deity of the Aztecs. Huitzilopochtli is associated with war, the sun's life-giving energy, and the protection of the Aztec people. Call upon Huitzilopochtli for protection, courage, and strength in facing challenges or conflicts.

Inti (Inca mythology) - This sun god symbolizes life, fertility, and abundance. Inti was highly revered and considered the ancestor of the Inca people. Seek the assistance of Inti for abundance, prosperity, and connecting with the life-giving energy of the sun.

Lugh (Celtic mythology) - A deity associated with multiple domains, including the sun. He is a skilled warrior, craftsman, and patron of arts and culture. Call upon Lugh for inspiration, skillfulness, and success in various endeavors, particularly arts, crafts, and leadership.

Mithras (Persian and Roman mythology) - A deity worshipped in the Roman Empire, originating in Persian mythology. Mithras is often depicted slaying a bull and is associated with the sun's strength, loyalty, and cosmic order. Seek the assistance of Mithras for spiritual growth, courage, and loyalty in facing trials and tribulations.

Ra (Egyptian mythology) - The powerful sun god associated with creation and light. Ra is often depicted with a falcon head, and his journey across the sky brings light and life to the world. Call upon Ra for vitality, protection, and guidance in all aspects of life, particularly in overcoming darkness or challenges.

Sango (Yoruban mythology) - Associated with thunder, lightning, fire, and the sun. Call upon Sango to invoke courage and inner strength when facing challenges or difficult situations. If you're seeking inspiration or guidance in artistic or creative endeavors, you can call upon Sango for inspiration and innovative ideas.

Shamash (Mesopotamian mythology) - Sun god and the divine judge who dispenses justice. Shamash is depicted as a radiant figure with a solar disc and holds the tablets of law, symbolizing his role in upholding order and truth. Seek the assistance of Shamash for justice, wisdom, and clarity in legal matters or moral dilemmas.

Sol (Norse mythology) - The goddess of the sun also associated with warmth, light, and fertility. Sol is chased by a wolf across the sky, signifying the eternal cycle of day and night. Call upon Sol for warmth, vitality, and illumination in both physical and metaphorical aspects of life.

Sol Invictus (Roman mythology) - The unconquered sun god worshipped in ancient Rome. Sol Invictus represents the invincible and ever-present power of the sun, associated with renewal, victory, and the cycle of life. Seek the assistance of Sol Invictus for strength, resilience, and victory over adversity.

Sunna (Germanic mythology) - The goddess of the sun in Germanic mythology. Sunna is associated with the cycle of day and night, bringing light and warmth to the world. Call upon Sunna for energy, light, and inspiration in pursuing your goals and dreams.

Surya (Hindu mythology) - The supreme solar deity in Hindu mythology, known as the bringer of light and warmth. Surya is depicted riding a chariot driven by seven horses and is worshipped as a source of energy and life. Seek the assistance of Surya for vitality, spiritual awakening, and harnessing the power of the sun for personal growth.

Tonatiuh (Aztec mythology) - The Aztec sun god, often represented as a fierce warrior with a solar disc on his head. Tonatiuh is associated with the sun's transformative power and the cycle of life and death. Call upon Tonatiuh for courage, determination, and empowerment in achieving personal and professional goals.

Utu (Sumerian mythology) - The Sumerian god of the sun and justice, known for his role in dispensing divine justice. Utu brings light to the world and ensures order and fairness. Seek the assistance of Utu for justice, fairness, and maintaining balance in relationships and society.

Xihe (Chinese mythology) - A celestial goddess who controlled the sun's journey across the sky and brought light and warmth to the world. Xihe is often depicted as a motherly figure, carrying the sun in her arms or on her back as she traverses the heavens. Call upon Xihe for blessings of warmth, nurturing, and harmonious relationships within your family and community.


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