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Unlocking the Mystical Balance: Embracing the Lemniscate and the Number 8

Introduction to the Lemniscate

Better known as the infinity symbol, the lemniscate is a beautiful perpetual curve that symbolizes a ribbon of infinite connectedness to Source, to our own divinity, to universal energies like love and infinite potential.

Introduction to the number 8

Recently, I've encountered several posts critiquing the significance of the number 8 and the enigmatic lemniscate. Some express concerns that these infinity symbols may be a binding tool to keep humanity in the shadows. Like me, you may be rolling your eyes at such claims and pondering, "What the heck, what next?" when cherished symbols and beliefs are seemingly misused for malevolent purposes or deemed as evil. Sometimes, a few minutes after the eye-rolling, I realize that my heart and mind are racing - "Oh dear, did I receive incorrect information? OMG, didn't I teach about the beauty and power of the lemniscate? Guides, did I hear you incorrectly? Are YOU the false light guides?" These knee-jerk thoughts are, in a way, part of the human experience, adding a touch of amusement to our existence.

Let's delve deeper into shadows and light...

The Continuum of Shadows and Light

Every aspect of existence possesses both light and shadow elements, and even the most benevolent forces can be misused for contrary purposes. I recall my early days working with Ascended Masters, when the Goddess Isis led me on a visionary journey, revealing the shadow side of every deity. Her message was clear: understanding the fullness of every being's capacity to hold light and dark is essential. She also emphasized that the brightest lights often cast the darkest shadows. Over the years, I have come to see that this continuum is held in all things, including sacred geometries and numerology. It is true that many sacred symbols have been misappropriated and had their power redirected. Yet, we must remember that this co-creation occurs when we abandon the exchange of light with these symbols out of fear. Rather than forsaking them, we must work with these magical instruments from a place of light, bringing the necessary balance and true potential to fruition.

Connecting with the sacred light of magical symbols

Ideas for working with this symbol to increase energy flow:

Ideas for use of the infinity symbol for obtaining information from your higher self or the quantum field:

Other ways to use the lemniscate:

Remember that working with the lemniscate, or any other sacred symbol, should always be approached with positive intentions and respect for the sacred. By incorporating the lemniscate into your practices, you can harness its powerful frequencies for good and transformation.


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