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Fractal Ark

A fractal ark representing poet

Breath and wind kiss my beloved,

Wrapping and tracing, tasting...

Repainting each cell with the lucent love of life’s revival.

Hints of berry medleys stain her upturned pout

As summers palette-song inspires the release of doubt

Aglow with divine presence, delighted in her gait

She tells me we are needed here and that heaven can wait

I study her as she studies me, understanding as never before

Her anxiety relative to my installation of her ever-revolving door

The expectation that she should host the universal sentient spectrum

Without consideration for her need for regulation or capacity for momentum

My cherished, she senses my regret while her love for me ignites reconnection

Gently she reminds me that at the age of four, we self-created protections

“Dear soul, you prepared to serve a mission in a world of density

Once embodied, our child-self had to contain her luminosity

Our tiny body met by the force of distortion arrays at high velocity

A child attempting to calculate anatomical dynamic viscosity

Now, let us resist the temptation for further narration and regretful retrospection;

Clearly, you see that star bodies are key, so let’s think of light and conic section

Symbiotic healing through frequency, filament, and application

Remember me, beloved, for I AM the vessel for your life purpose and devotion

We are here to serve this land and all life through love and celebration

We have codes to crack, codes to hack, downloads awaiting translation”

Bread and wine do not nourish her without the flame of a souls divine spark

My beloved body (and every body):

The one and many fractal ark.


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