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From dusk until dawn the rhythmic beat of my heart flows

Sweet slumber, precious stars, moonbeams white gold glow

Hold me steady, as I study loves divine face

Envelope me in faith, hope, mercy, and grace

Awaken me with radiance, warm upon my skin

As above, so below, external, and within

I hear the choirs of angels and gods

I see the staffs, I see the rods

No longer made of mighty whittled trees;

Spectral waves bring many to their knees.

Who wields these waves with honor and love?

The elements seek to reveal their opinion:

Requesting support to return dominion

To hands that are gentle, the elements of Source

Pleading to be seen, they ask for divorce

From programs holding dissonance, enslavement, and greed

Primal elements are designed to revere collective need

Let us take heed, indeed let us heed, the glorious design of our great

Mother Earth,

Father Sky,

Precious Metals,

Holy Water, and

Fires of Rebirth

I am not what I am not and I am who I am

Beloved cells, activate remembrance of soul plan

I add melody to my song of songs

Embrace my spark of light

Ignite the flame of life and call upon my sight

Beauty stands before me, breathtaking shapes and hues

All senses gratefully ignited, blessed life to craft and choose

Mighty wind, I thank you and pray I find the wind within

That I may sculpt a life of joyful being

And truly heal from where I’ve been

You always know what’s needed, a wisdom that often can’t be known

Gentle nudges and fierce restructures pave way for what must be grown

Precious metals, I’m in awe of your strength and beauty

I’m grateful for your radiance and enduring duty

Oh divine please help me emulate your character and devotion

That I may rebound when I falter with rhythmic song and motion

Each day, I rise with gratitude as I bear witness to this truth:

Every exchange is divine presence knocking on my roof

Earth dearly beloved, holy in spirit and name

I surrender to the mystery of your mastery of ice, mud, axe, fan, and flame

With these words, I hold temple to natures elemental force;

Five pointed star a mirror of these sovereign agents of Source


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