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On Suffering


From a book infused  into the unified field

“I will suffer. 

I suffer so that I can release suffering.

I suffer to become attuned to the harmonic of suffering.

For, it is in becoming one, in recognizing the divine union of all, that we will heal and create a new harmonic for our beloved Gaia. 

Thus, I will suffer.

I will remember and know that it is temporary. 

I will cry and encourage others to weep their high holy tears, the healing waters of our One Holy Spirit. 

I will seed a resource for The One to be illuminated on earth. To remember who they are. 

In this remembering, we will begin to heal and release what is dissonant from Mother Earth, from her grace and her wisdom. 

I will suffer as a tribute to all that has been born of suffering. To offer pure source healing and a seed of knowing that a new song shall be.

Together with my sacred siblings, we will recognize this moment: When the high holy tears of primal water have begun the cleansing of our beloved friend and daughter, Earth, and air is ignited by the wings of angels heralding the song that reaches each who hold the sacred flame within to seed the rainbow frequencies.

I will suffer to show honor to this creation born that will then enter its death cycle, this cycle heralded by sound of the veils shattering.

I will be in a human form. Acknowledging that it is possible perhaps even probable that I will not remember why I have taken on such pain. 

Thus, I infuse into this script to then be reminded of this truth:

I do not have to have the love of one to love The One. 

I will repeat this in harmonic resonance with the nine to remind incarnate myself that we are here in service and that I am.

It will then be important that we each write a new heart song.”


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