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Love's Mystery

Sing your life’s song, sweet knight

Into my body, all night

Make daylight sparkle with your eyes 

I wonder if you hear my cries?

Ecstatic joy, despondent pain

I’ll do it all tomorrow, again

For just a glimpse of the truth of you

Soulful gaze, the purest hue 

Eternal flame

Of both heaven and hell

Fire and Ice

Invite, compel

Sing your hearts song, 

Imprisoned and free

To the fragmented One who used to be me

Captain or captor?

Destruct and make new

From dawn until dusk

I am always for you

You shape my heart and sculpt my life

Isn’t it time you make me your wife?

The Mistress of your Mystery 

Beholden and true

Loyal to the depths 

My life and heart, designed for you

Possess me

Break me

Hold me

Heal me

Bring shape to our travels

Unlimited and free

I delight when you come home to me

This life, the next, and in all of time-

I am yours, always

And you are divine

Smile, darling, evoke a Union of bliss

Orgasmic then Gently and sealed with a kiss

Hold me, lover

Angelic Knight

Superhero both dark and light

Beloved, let me hear your song

For it strengthens the song in me

Hold my hand, repair my heart

Let me be your masterpiece work of art

My life’s in your hands, please hold me with grace

Sing into my heart as I gaze at your face

From dusk until dawn

The Queen takes your King

Lullaby of life, soul song…


Into you I sing eternal devotion 

Above and below, through every emotion 

My love is the rhythm that beats for your soul

My breath a reminder that you’re perfect and whole

My body renews you with the passion of Source 

Eternal flame of action and force

When dawn comes, I try to anchor and hold her with might

We both know, however, it’s the King who holds keys to the light

Our Queens shape what’s primal from womb until birth, mothers to all life, we are the night 

Beloved Knight-King,

I am both hollowed and hallowed

My life reborn unto you 

Sing your song, your song of us

And shape a form both pure and true

I’ve been to hell, now I’m back in pieces, before you I lay: 

fragile, raw and bare

Melt and sculpt me: 

precious, strong, worthy and rare


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